Gain peace of mind with affordable site maintenance by Chasemade.

    SiteCare by Chasemade

    Over the last 10+ years we’ve built and managed 100s of websites. In that time we’ve seen what helps a website be successful or fail in the long run. We’ve created an affordable system for keeping WordPress websites healthy so you can get back to running your business.

    Core, Theme, Plugin Updates

    Never worry about updating WordPress again.

    The number one reason for website issues is outdated software. We update your plugins and themes every week. We also update your WordPress core version based on community feedback.

    Theme & plugins updated weekly

    Tested WordPress core updates

    Auto-rollback if an update causes an issue

    Offsite Backups

    Keep your investment safe and secure.

    Offsite backups are one of the single most important parts of maintaining a healthy WordPress websites. Without backups you run the risk of a permanently broken site due to any array of reasons.

    Backed up to the cloud

    Backups retained for 45 days

    Automatic backup intervals

    Uptime & Performance

    Ensure your site is up and running smoothly.

    Uptime and performance monitoring alert you to any issues your websites may be having. Slow loading websites are the number one reason visitors leave your website before taking action.

    Live uptime monitoring

    Automatic response time monitoring

    Google PageSpeed testing

    Security & Vulnerability

    Peace of mind with all-in-one security scans.

    Hackers and bad actors gain access to out of date WordPress websites by exploiting vulnerabilities. We constantly scan your website to ensure if any issues are found, they get patch asap.

    Live security & vulnerability scans

    Vulnerabilities are patch asap

    Theme, plugin and core scans

    Errors & Health Checks

    Gone are the days of errors and outdated code.

    An essential part of keeping your website healthy is monitoring PHP errors and ensuring your website is healthy.

    Live health checks & hardening

    PHP version checks

    SSL checks


    Website reports sent right to your inbox.

    Stay in the know monthly website reports sent right to your inbox. You’ll get a visual breakdown of all actions taken to care for your WordPress websites.

    Choose what you want to see in your report

    Sent weekly, monthly or quarterly

    See all the information in a clean report

    Plans starting as low as $35/mo.

    Most websites can be secured for only $35/mo. More complex websites or larger scale blogs may require a custom price to accommodate their scale. Fill out the form to see where you land.

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