Kaolin Creative is now Chasemade

    I wanted to let you know why I’ve changed names and domain names from Kaolin Creative to Chasemade. This represents a shift in focus for me as a freelancer and entrepreneur. I’ve worked with dozens of clients over the years and after spending roughly two years as Kaolin Creative I’ve decided to change the name to Chasemade.

    When I set out to run my own WordPress website company I had no idea what Kaolin Creative would turn in to. Since then I’ve learned what works for me as an entrepreneur and what doesn’t. Chasemade reflects more completely what I do for my clients. I make them the best WordPress sites possible. Also, Kaolin Creative sounds like and creative agency, which I’m not.

    I hope this helps any one reading this understand the change!



    2 thoughts on “Kaolin Creative is now Chasemade”

    1. Looks great! I’m exploring purchasing the Kadence lifetime subscription, and they feature quite a bit of your work. Love what you do. Would you mind offering your opinion on Kadence themes, blocks, and plugins?

      Also, when I was checking out some of your sites, they still say Kaolin Creative and failed to launch your new website. I had to Google to find you. Glad I did, though! Great work!

    2. Hey Derek,

      I’ve been working on updating my footer credit link across different projects but I’m glad you found me!

      Kadence is a first rate WordPress theme and plugin company and their products are top notch! Kadence Theme and Kadence Blocks are among my favorites on the market today. They are also an American based company and have awesome support which I know is important for some people depending on where you are from.

      Let me know if I can help out it any way!

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