Kaolin Creative is now Chasemade

I wanted to let you know why I’ve changed names and domain names from Kaolin Creative to Chasemade. This represents a shift in focus for me as a freelancer and entrepreneur. I’ve worked with dozens of clients over the years and after spending roughly two years as Kaolin Creative I’ve decided to change the name to Chasemade.

When I set out to run my own WordPress website company I had no idea what Kaolin Creative would turn in to. Since then I’ve learned what works for me as an entrepreneur and what doesn’t. Chasemade reflects more completely what I do for my clients. I make them the best WordPress sites possible. Also, Kaolin Creative sounds like and creative agency, which I’m not.

I hope this helps any one reading this understand the change!



1 thought on “Kaolin Creative is now Chasemade”

  1. Looks great! I’m exploring purchasing the Kadence lifetime subscription, and they feature quite a bit of your work. Love what you do. Would you mind offering your opinion on Kadence themes, blocks, and plugins?

    Also, when I was checking out some of your sites, they still say Kaolin Creative and failed to launch your new website. I had to Google to find you. Glad I did, though! Great work!

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